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We shape your future and revolutionize the world through intelligently interconnecting businesses,
skilled individuals, cutting-edge technology, and innovative ideas.

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We empower organizations to thrive today and sustain tomorrow with our ingeniously engineered, future-proof solutions

- Louise Peruch

League of Companies

Global Ecosystem of Like Minded Leaders and Innovators

When like-minded people work together, they can achieve more than they could alone. Together, our leaders and innovators can address climate change, poverty, and inequality. They may generate global-impact solutions by collaborating and innovating. Our worldwide ecosystem of like-minded leaders and innovators encourage changemakers who may feel alone. This ecosystem makes the future brighter, more sustainable, and more equitable.

Entrepreneurship fuels a worldwide ecosystem of like-minded leaders and innovators. LoC Entrepreneurs solve problems differently because we love to create and develop. Despite enormous hurdles, our entrepreneurial spirit can inspire others and push change. A worldwide ecosystem of leaders and innovators inspire risk-taking, new ideas, and dreaming by supporting entrepreneurship. New enterprises, technology, and methods can revolutionize entire industries and sectors. A worldwide ecosystem of leaders and innovators may use entrepreneurship to alter the world.

Engineer Smart Solutions

One platform Built on the principles of Holocracy Self management Global multi-dimensional platform Power coalition to combat industry dominance

We live in a world that increasingly requires “searchlight intelligence”. Our highly experienced leaders & consultants have the ability to connect the dots between people, technology and ideas, where others see no possible connection, enabling us to engineer smart solutions that meet organizational needs today supporting sustainability for the future.

Businesses are undergoing a rapid digital transformation in response to the evolution of the end-user experience and the way people interact with systems.


Years of Experience



100+ Specialist Members

2000+ Resources

200+ Products

500+ Customers

30 years Experience

1 Platform

The League of Companies multi-dimensional platform, built on entrepreneurial self-management principles, open networks and ecosystems, and without hierarchical structures, made up of a powerful coalition of subject matter expert companies, skilled independents, and small businesses would have several features that distinguish it from a traditional business platform Here are some of the key differences:

The League of Companies platform would consist of subject matter expert companies, skilled independents, and small businesses. Each member would bring a unique area of expertise, enabling the platform to provide a wide range of services to its clients.

Members of the League of Companies platform would be encouraged to collaborate and work together on projects, enabling them to combine their expertise and deliver innovative solutions to clients. This would foster a culture of open communication and cooperation among members.

The League of Companies platform would be connected to a wide network of partners and stakeholders, enabling members to collaborate and innovate with a diverse range of organizations. This would create opportunities for cross-industry partnerships and new product/service offerings that could not have been developed otherwise.

Members of the League of Companies platform would be able to take on new roles and responsibilities as needed, fostering a culture of adaptability and flexibility. This would allow members to respond quickly to changing market conditions or customer needs, without the need for bureaucratic approval.

The League of Companies platform would be self-governed, meaning that the member companies would collectively make decisions and set priorities. This would foster a strong sense of ownership and shared purpose among member companies and encourage collaboration and open communication.

In contrast, a traditional business platform is typically built on hierarchical structures and centralized decision-making. In this model, decisions are made by a few people at the top, and employees are expected to follow orders and procedures without much input or autonomy. There is less emphasis on collaboration and more on competition, with individual success often being prioritized over collective achievement.

Overall, the League of Companies platform offers a more collaborative and flexible approach to business, enabling members to work together in a mutually beneficial way. This would foster innovation, creativity, and a strong sense of ownership and shared purpose among members, leading to greater motivation and success.

What We Do

League of Excellence

The League of Excellence is a global group of specialized business consulting companies that offers next-generation thinking and solutions to businesses.

League of CXO’s

The League of CXO is a group of highly experienced C-level executives from various industries, combined with a global group of ICT consulting companies

League of Smart Engineering 5.0

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Information Technology

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Industry 4.0

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2Gigit Freelance Management platform

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LoC Academy

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Delivering the connected experience

What We Deliver


Through our Value-based approach we help our customers reach unimaginable transformational goals Through increasing revenue, enhancing profitability and/or reducing costs which leads to overall business performance improvement

Drive Strategic Impact Centres around the core skill of accelerated structured problem-solving Search light intelligence combined with innovation gives us the rare ability to rapidly connect, internally and externally, with LoC members, partners, and with other 3rd party networks and platform to offer new products, services and business processes solving the impossible

Purpose drives growth

When there is clarity around purpose both parties become emotionally invested
Our purpose-driven approach

1. identifies roadblocks to your vision.
2. Establishes alignment around your most essential goal.
3. It lays out a roadmap for transformation and change.


LoC’s Business capability assessment framework was created to measure an organisation’s current capabilities that will enable sustainable development, meeting business challenges in today’s uncertain economic climate;

Structured for success delivering Value, Impact and Purpose




League of Companies

Our Vision for Business
& Digital Transformation

Engage Your Customers

Deliver personalized, rich, connected experiences in journeys your customers choose.

Empower Your Employees

Keep up with your fastmoving customers, efficiently collaborating to anticipate and meet customer demands.

Optimize Your Operations

Increase the flow of information across your entire business operations, better manage your resources, and keep your business processes synchronized across all boundaries.

Transform Your Products

Expand the reach of your business using digital channels, anticipate customer needs, understand how your products are used, and quickly develop and improve products and services.

Our Strategy

Business & Digital Transformation

Delivered through the successful structuring, integration and visualization of 4 key Business ecosystems

League of Companies

How We Make a Difference




The Latest from League of Companies

League of Companies is committed to staying current with global developments by producing informative articles that can strengthen your perspective on the future of your business.

The Future of Meta and Business

Metaverse platforms have the potential to transform how, when and where companies interact with their customers, as extended reality platforms enable businesses to deliver new experiences and provide information in new ways

The LOC Platform

Businesses are undergoing a rapid digital transformation in response to the evolution of the end-user experience and the way people interact with systems.

Ecosystems with Bi-directional Value

We place a strong emphasis on Smart Strategic Intelligence & Intelligent information management (DATA) as this forms the basis of enhanced customer experience and digital transformation.